Kamiel wins 30k race in Schoorl

February 12th 2006 - On a cold, rainy and windy course, Kamiel won the 30k race during the 'Groet Uit Schoorl Run'. Until 10k, training partner Luc Krotwaar was able to keep up with the pace but then had to let go.

"I have chosen to run the 30k and not the 10k, which is an official Dutch Championship, because I am preparing for the Rotterdam marathon on April 9th. This 30k race fits perfectly in my training and racing schedule and tells me where I am in my training. Considering I ran at about 90% during most of the race, I am satisfied and confident that I am right on track for a good race in Rotterdam. I will have to work on practicing drinking during my training runs, because I started having some stomach problems halfway the race. However, this may very well just have been a result of the cold and rain" Kamiel commented.

Kamiel passed the finish line after 1:32:22.

Race info

EventGroet uit Schoorl Run
CitySchoorl (NED)
Distance30 km
Result1.32.22 (1)
Complete result
1  Kamiel Maase     Leiden Atletiek   1e Msen  1:32:22
2  Luc Krotwaar     Prins Hendrik     2e Msen  1:36:44
3  Stan Rijken      Prins Hendrik     3e Msen  1:38:34
4  Said Kanfaoui    AV Gouda          4e Msen  1:41:07
6  Arthur Schramade Cifla             5e Msen  1:42:10
7  Addy de Kort     Prins Hendrik     6e Msen  1:43:17
10 Niels Koole      Dynamica          7e Msen  1:45:08




February 23rd 2006

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