Getting ready for Gothenburg

My running fans,

After the Rotterdam Marathon, you have not heard much from me. That is because after that race I took a break in order to recover well and to recharge the battery before starting my training for the European Championships in Gothenburg. It is my aim to run the marathon in Gothenburg, and to do well.

Meanwhile, I have inspected the course, so I know what to expect with respect to turns, curves and other tricky parts of the 42 k run. And, I have been in Austria, accompanied by Luc Krotwaar, for a short first training camp.

Unfortunately, my left hamstring has been bothering me a bit. It is nothing too serious and after about a week of alternative training I am running again. Because of this slight setback I do not do any intense intervals or track workouts at the moment. And for this reason, I am not sure yet what will be my first race this summer. What I do know is that I will be returning to Bad Dürrheim, in the South of Germany. I have had succesful training camps in Bad Dürrheim before and I know the roads and trails which are excellent for marathon training.

My aim is to get in shape and please all of you with a great performance in Gothenburg. I hope you will join me on my adventures the next two months and enjoy my running.

Take care and keep running,


June 14th 2006

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